Is Your Manuscript Ready for Publishing?

Here’s a handy quiz to help you figure that out. First, allow me to set the scene (fiction-writing joke). How books get into readers’ hands In a perfect world, our books would spring fully formed from our minds into the bookstores and online emporiums. In the actual world, our books spring in dribbles or fountains …

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What Happened to the Clocks?

Thursday Postcard In the days of yore, when my parents told me what I’d do and when I’d do it, the changing of the clocks didn’t faze me too much. I didn’t ponder it. Now I ponder the hell out of the clock change. Especially on the first week. Especially on the Monday.This week’s Monday, for …

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Silent Writing Groups: Are they right for you?

Two men shushing each other

What are silent writing groups? These are groups that meet online or in person. They start and end at pre-established times. Participants are expected to write in silence for the allotted time. Group size varies, depending on the time and location. Are they really silent? Yes, for the writing portion of the meeting. There will …

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A Famous Writer’s Shocking Process

Image of Thursday Postcard with title and male dancer

Thursday Postcard The Case of George Saunders You might have heard of American writer George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo, which won the 2017 Booker Prize.  Saunders writes a lot of short stories and has published several collections. He’s won a whole bunch of awards for the short fiction as well.  His stories are both moving …

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