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Writers need love and support. They need how-tos and tips and opportunities to deepen their craft. They need information, resources, and encouragement to get from ‘idea’ to ‘The End.’

That’s what A Writer’s Roadmap is all about.

Pat Dobie, Our Illustrious Founder

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  • Evaluating Freelance Book Editors: Step 1

    Evaluating Freelance Book Editors: Step 1

    If you haven’t read the introduction to this series of articles, consider checking it out here. Step 1 is to think about why you are considering hiring an editor now. It begins with a look at why and when other writers work with freelance editors, discusses other options, and introduces some things to consider before…

  • How to Evaluate Freelance Book Editors: Introduction

    How to Evaluate Freelance Book Editors: Introduction

    Thousands of freelancers offer book editing services. This is mostly a good thing, right? After all, many thousands of writers, both traditionally and self-published, rely on professional editing as part of their book’s journey to successful publication. But how does a writer choose which editor to work with on their book? As a writer and…

  • How to Research Historical Fiction

    How to Research Historical Fiction

    Writers often have a bunch of tabs open on their internet browsers. Sometimes we go incognito, because we look up some weird, weird stuff. Crime and mystery writers might look up police procedures, stages of putrefaction, how to kill someone, types of poison…but not just that. Car models, flowering shrubs in a particular part of…