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You can make anything by writing.

CS Lewis

Write Your Manifesto
Write Your Manifesto Today

I believe that everyone who’s found themselves changed, humbled, shocked, angered or moved by the upheavals of 2020 needs to write a manifesto listing their new realizations and convictions. Writin…

Introverts, find your restorative niche!

How to thrive as an introvert in a world increasingly designed for extroverts.

Giant typewriter and how to write more by starting small
How to Write More by Starting Small

You might be a binge writer, or you might be more of a steady plodder. As someone who writes both ways, I have discovered that each approach involves starting small.

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7 Project Management Principles for Writing a Book

  1. Know your why
  2. Define the project
  3. Know that it can’t all be done in a day
How to Change Your Story’s POV–and why you’d want to

In my editorial experience, writers go through more trouble nailing point of view (POV) for a piece of fiction than almost any other topic I’ve come across. The only real test of POV is whether …

Living with Uncertainty while Writing a Book

While you write the first couple of drafts of any long document, the following questions are always present: • Is it worth writing? • Can I write it? • Can I write it well enough that someone wi…

Editing tools that just might change your writing life!