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A writer's roadmap

Ah, the exciting life of a writer...

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Writing can be pure pleasure. It gives you total freedom to create, costs nothing but time and a few materials, and uses all of your intellectual and emotional abilities.
But it is a tough business. Writers can pour time and money into learning the craft and putting their work out there, yet find themselves underpublished and increasingly demoralized as the years go by.
Maybe you’ve written books you believe in, but no longer send them out to agents & publishers. Or you do, and hear crickets. Or you self-publish, and discover that your sales are so low, you’re not sure it was worth it.
What’s a writer to do?
  • Understand the terrain. 
  • Learn about the roadblocks.
  • Set your goals.
  • Adjust your mindset and open up to serendipity.
  • Clarify your next steps.
  • Keep going.
If you love writing but getting your work to readers seems up to chance, you’re in the right place. A Writer’s Roadmap helps creatives make their way through the strange and often illogical landscape of creating work for publication. We offer free resources, unique courses, and inside information via our blog. 
Welcome! Pull up a chair and stay a while.

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For when your own attitude
is your biggest roadblock.
For when lack of writing know-how
is your biggest roadblock. 
For when uncertainty about how to keep going is your biggest roadblock. 
For when not lack of information about the publishing landscape is your biggest roadblock.
For when your neck is tight, your back is sore and your hands are cramping.
For when you are ready to pay for specific information and support.

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Who's behind A Writer's Roadmap?

Hi, I’m Pat Dobie.
I am an editor, book doctor and coach working with writers all over the world on both fiction and nonfiction. My clients have gone on to get agents, achieve traditional publication, self-publish successfully, and win awards. I’ve taught writing and project management live to hundreds of beginning and intermediate writers, and coached writers 1:1 on bringing their book-length projects from concept development through to publication.
In my work I encounter plenty of writers who need more than getting one manuscript  on the page and into the best possible shape. These writers also need a reliable guide through the  sometimes mysterious terrain that writing a book entails: from completing a first draft to creating a book that is well-written, well-published, and well-received by readers.
That’s why I created A Writer’s Roadmap.

Launch January 31, 2022

A 5-week course for intermediate writers—

Fiction's Big-Picture Fundamentals: Creating Stories that Work

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Save time and money on the road to publication.

Fiction Editing Demystified!

Fiction Editing: A Writer’s Roadmap is a fundamental guide for fiction writers at any stage, from first-time novelists to veterans in the art and craft of writing. Whether you’re seeking an agent / publisher or planning to launch your book yourself, it will give you essential tips for understanding if and when to hire an editor, what to expect, and how to get the most bang for your buck (or euro, or pound…)