The Antidote to Productivity Pressure

Thursday Postcard
April 28, 2022

You might have seen a YouTube ad with a man shouting “Serial procrastination affects 80% of adults!”

Ignore this person. He cannot possibly know what percentage of living adults are affected by this fake issue.

Procrastination is not a syndrome. Sometimes we dick around a little before we get to things. That doesn’t mean it’s a gigantic problem. It’s only a problem if we never get to the thing we really want to do.

Maybe you work at a certain pace and ultimately get things done, despite feeling like you could work more steadily. Not a problem.

Maybe you create busywork for yourself so you’ll avoid the thing you most want to do, so it gets less attention and takes way longer than you want. But you ultimately get it done. Not that pleasant, but not a problem.

If you’re doing the thing you want to get done, who cares how you do it? DO IT YOUR WAY! And if that way ever stops working for you, try something else.