Fiction Editing: A Writer's Roadmap

If you write fiction, this essential guide to the world of fiction editing will save you time, money, and effort on the road to publication.

"A book like this would have saved me thousands, no exaggeration. That's how much I paid a high-profile New York editor to work on novel at the insistence of my now-ex agent. I needed a developmental edit, but what I got for my money was a thin-as-dishwater copyedit lite."

Fiction Editing: A Writer's Roadmap
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This is a fabulous guide! I love the clear, breezy style, the easy-to-follow organization, the step-by-step descriptions of editing processes; and most of all, how informative it is.

Amanda Goldrick-Jones, Writer

What You Will Learn

There are many excellent books on the craft of writing, but almost none for fiction writers who are trying to decide whether they need or want to work with an editor on their path to publication. Similarly, few books dissect the art and practice of fiction editing in any detail. This book is designed to fill that gap.
In fifteen easy-to-read chapters you'll discover:
  • When and why fiction writers work with freelance editors
  • How to tell whether working with an editor makes sense for you
  • What the different levels of editing are and how they work
  • What book maps, editorial letters and manuscript markups are and how they serve you
  • What the most common writing issues are and how to fix them
  • How to protect yourself from scams and bad editors
  • What editorial contracts should contain
  • How to save money on professional editing
  • Three essential tactics for a do-it-yourself edit if you can't afford a pro
  • How to manage revision once you get an edit back.

Fiction Editing: A Writer's Roadmap is for writers seeking agents and for those who are publishing themselves. It’s for those who want to avoid scams and ripoffs and those who want to know how working with an editor can help them become a better writer. It is a fundamental guide for writers at any stage, from first-time novelists to veterans in the art and craft of writing.

Supremely engaging...Very informative, with an informal conversational style. This is a guide that will have great appeal for both writers and editors.

Maureen Phillips, Editor

About the Author

P.S. Dobie, MFA is a professional editor, a writer and a writing teacher. She works with writers of literary and commercial fiction across genres (including historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, romance and erotica, middle grade, & young adult). She also edits short stories, trade nonfiction, plays, and essay collections.

She's the author of the novella Pawn to Queen (Arsenal Press), and her novella What Really Happened took third place in the 2018 International 3-Day Novel Contest. Her historical novel Inventing Paris was a finalist for the 2015 Outstanding New Novel Award from the Historical Novel Society. Visit her at


Editing tools that just might change your writing life!

  • Wondering what a book map looks like? They've been called "witchcraft," but they're just a form of geekery that editors use to diagnose problems with plot, pacing, and structure.
  • Never used the invaluable tool called a style sheet? That's how editors keep track of important facts to ensure that your novel or series is correct and consistent.
  • Curious about editorial comments and manuscript markups? See them for yourself!
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Editing tools that just might change your writing life!

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