About P.S. Dobie


I'm a writer, teacher, and professional editor of fiction and nonfiction.

What A Writer's Roadmap is About

I believe writing is a “learn by doing” pursuit. And it's not for the faint of heart.

It doesn't matter if you're self-published, traditionally published, or still working your way toward publication. The writing road is a long one and the landscape fraught with peril.

Through my work with writers and through making every mistake possible, from not writing (the worst) to not submitting (almost as bad), I've learned how to write better and write more with less turmoil and stress.

Before becoming an editor, I worked as a project manager in international events. Surprisingly, this gave me a great many practical tools for getting to 'THE END' on writing projects and living a deeply satisfying writing life.

A Writer's Roadmap is a place for me to share what I've learned.

My Background

I write novels, novellas, and the occasional short story. I have an MFA in Writing from Pacific University and my own work has been shortlisted for awards by the Historical Novel Society and the International 3-Day Novel contest. I'm the author of Pawn to Queen (Arsenal Press) and Fiction Editing: A Writer's Roadmap (Lucid Editions).

As an editor, I work with writers of literary and commercial fiction across genres and categories. I also edit non-fiction (self-help, how-to and memoir) as well as short stories, plays, and essay collections.

I love to work with committed writers who are hungry to learn and serious about getting the work they imagine onto the page in its most compelling form.

My Obsessions

My writing often prowls the territory of alternative medicine and the power of thought. I’m interested in addiction and mental illness and am keen on outsiders and flawed protagonists. I'm an avid traveler and train freak.

My ongoing obsessions include Victorian times, Meiji Japan, Hollywood Noir and (lately) the wild 1970s.


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Editing tools that just might change your writing life!

  • Wondering what a book map looks like? They've been called "witchcraft," but they're just a form of geekery that editors use to diagnose problems with plot, pacing, and structure.
  • Never used the invaluable tool called a style sheet? That's how editors keep track of important facts to ensure that your novel or series is correct and consistent.
  • Curious about editorial comments and manuscript markups? See them for yourself!
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