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Hi, I'm Pat Dobie

Before I became a developmental editor of fiction, I was an avid reader and a writer. Through trial and error I discovered how to work with structure and plot, character development and narrative arc, tension, and cause-and-effect. I learned that these big-picture fundamentals apply to all fiction, regardless of genre or category. I got so interested in fiction that I went back to school and got a Master of Fine Arts in writing.

More than a decade later I work as a “book doctor” with writers all over the world, editing literary and commercial fiction across genres. My clients have gone on to get agents, achieve traditional publication, self-publish successfully, and win awards. I’ve taught fiction writing live to hundreds of beginning and intermediate writers, and coached writers on book-length projects from concept development through to publication.


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What do I know about writing?

It depends on your perspective. I've written seven novels, had one published traditionally, and consider the other six "learning experiences." I work with writers and their novels, teach fiction editing, teach writing, and write both fiction and nonfiction. In other words, I live and breathe books.

But that's not where I get my information. I get that from talking with writers, hearing their stories about the writing life. If you have a sense of humor about it, there's really no better way to live.